Meet AJ Renee

The brilliant and hilarious Robyn Peterman asked ME to be a part of her world? I still can’t believe I was given this honor! Someone pinch me! Before I became an author, I was a reader and a fan of her work. Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind so many hilarious books at a book signing. Imagine it now, a fellow author trying not to fangirl and keep her cool when her mind is a string of curses, eeks, and heck-yeahs! Meanwhile, Robyn couldn’t wrap her mind around my military family moving across the country without a home secured, because it’s often what the military asks of its families.

I’m not questioning Robyn’s invitation to play in her Magic and Mayhem Universe. Instead, I’ll sit my air-force-wife, mom-of-three-girls, Latina-author butt at my desk and weave the best paranormal tale to fit the gut-busting crew of Assjacket, West Virginia.

Outside of the MMU you’ll find my sweet and sinfully happily ever afters that will give you a break from your everyday life. Romance is my jam, and I’ve used my Masters in Criminal Justice and Bachelors in Psychology to write other paranormal romance, romantic comedies, contemporary romance, interracial romance, and romantic suspense to fill your book-loving needs. When I’m not writing, you can find me tossing back hot chocolate, tea, wine, or beer and relaxing with the family, a good book, or playing games.

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