Meet Amy Gregory

I consider myself blessed beyond belief to have met Robyn when we were both signing at RAGT a few years ago. Immediately, she became my hero and from there a friendship bloomed. Her humor is infectious and we have tons in common. Two of my kids are roughly the same ages as hers and going through the same stages of life, they’re crazy busy with activities and stuff. Plus we both have goats! And she has a screamer too–laugh now. It’s all funny until you’re being talked back to by a screaming goat, and they’re LOUD! However…it’s Bill who brought us even closer together. Bill, who I’m writing about, who I had to tell Robyn to be nice to. (Sigh) If you have been reading her FB posts long enough, you’ll remember who he is, and if not, you’ll figure it out in my upcoming book!

Amy Gregory is a Kansas girl through and through, although she’s left pieces of her heart in Hawaii and Nashville. She lives in a suburb south of Kansas City on a small farm with her husband (AKA high school sweetheart), three kids, and a growing number of critters. She and her husband have owned their own company for almost three decades, and have worked together without killing each other—yet!

In her ‘spare’ time, Amy writes contemporary romance, taking real life events, adding smartass dialogue, bits of humor, and always a happy ending. She prides herself on making her characters very realistic, and admits to becoming extremely attached to them. So much so, she’s found it much easier to lose herself in a series where they can drift in and out of each other’s books.

If she’s not writing or working full time, she’s also both part manager, part roadie to a young teen guitarist. If that’s not enough, she’s also constantly helping their two older girls through the stresses of starting college for one, grad school for the oldest. However, in the extra minutes of the day, she’s most likely taking way too many pictures of baby goats, ducks, chicks, or feeding treats to animals who are all beyond spoiled

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