Meet Andris Bear

II met Robyn when we were poised to jump from a perfectly good airplane, soaring high at… huh. Wrong author. Sorry.

IWe were actually cloistered at the Sisterhood of the Cursing Canine Rescue nunnery–er, convent. Oh, no, wait–that’s not right, either.

IOkay, really, here it is. My mom called one morning, asked if I knew one of my favorite actor’s wife wrote romance. No, I sure didn’t! Long story short, I downloaded one of Robyn’s books, cackled wildly, shared with my readers, and then let Robyn how my readers loved her books. Boom! That’s that.

IAs for me, I write paranormal romance and cozy mysteries. I adore all things dark, snarky, and coffee-related. I live near Raleigh, NC with my own dashing hero and our three mini villains.