Meet C.S. Edwards

So one day at gymnastics, I was doing this amazing double twisting triple flip thingy, and low and behold ran smack into – after I stuck the landing, of course – the most amazing gymnast of all time, Robyn Peterman. I mean, honestly, we were well on our way to the Olympics for moms, that’s how awsometastic we are at gymnastics. Right!? Well, okay, that might not be entirely accurate…. I think all the flipping and stuff was our kids, but really what’s the difference? That was like 15-16 years ago – when I was 10ish. Since then, we’ve laughed, cried, written, and been on a ton of adventures together. Robyn has saved me a couple of times – from myself, from life, and from a few spiders. Our friendship is always a wild ride – and I love every crazy second! To be invited into this wack-a-doodle world to create a wonderfully witchy story, is one of the biggest honors of my writing life to date!

As for me, I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. After I finally admitted out loud that I wanted to be an author, it took me a few years to really put something out there – super scary process! Now, I write every chance I get – with five kids, at times, those chances are few and far between. My kids swear I talk to myself way too much. What they don’t know, is I’m not talking to myself, I’m talking to my characters. Sure that makes me a little bit crazy, but come on, it also makes me super interesting – right?! While working on this magical new paranormal adventure, and a new dramatic fiction series, I’ve also found a passion for creating journals, trackers, and planners. Because lord knows I need all the help I can get just keeping it all together. I do have some amazing help from my sexy-as-all-get-out hubby – and yeah, all those kids, too. As a family, we live on the Kentucky side of Cincinnati, and are all just doing our part to make the world a little more interesting and entertaining.

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