Meet Claudy Conn

Robyn Peterman’s Universe—Hell yeah!

Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of her funny, sexy, snarky and lively Universe? I love her. I love her characters.

So, here I am, with witches, warlocks and so much more all waiting to play with her ‘people’.

I started writing romance way back…no further back…! Loved the genre until I found paranormal and fantasy romance.

Now vampires, witches, shifters and sorcerers have taken over my world.

I love chocolate and pizza, pickles and fries…all of which I don’t even dare put to my nose.

I love horseback riding, swimming and hiking. I love our wolves, horses, turtles and the birds who eat us out of house and home.

Sexy, dominant heroines leading a sexy dominant man to the water he doesn’t want to drink, oh yeah. Hubby is still my hunky, hot breath of fresh air.

So come on into Robyn Peterman’s Universe where her characters will meet mine and all hell and laughter will break out.

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