Meet Dawn Montgomery

I met Robyn at a Super Spy convention. She was rocking killer light-blocking sunglasses and I was wobbling around in stilettos. My feet hurt and she kept running into walls so we both ditched the convention and had margaritas at the pool bar. In all seriousness, though, when Robyn asked me to be part of this amazing universe, I couldn’t believe it! I get to play in such a wonderful world of Magic & Mayhem? Count me in! It’s a series I’ve loved to read and I couldn’t wait to introduce my kitchen witches (and their Kitchen Witch Academy) to the fantastic cast of characters.

Now for the boring parts. I’m retired military, and a USA Today Bestselling author who has traveled the world a time or two while turning a hobby into a career I love. My favorite books to write are those with kickass heroines and lots of action. My favorite books to read are almost anything I can get my hands on. Only through writing can I support my book habit.

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