Meet Erick Buckley

Hello visitors and inhabitants of the Magic and Mayhem Universe!

My name is Erick Buckley and Robyn Peterman has invited me into the playground!


Yep, I am indeed of the tripod persuasion.

But I am a lifelong devotee of dragons and dwoemers as well as a lover of all things ribald, racy, romantic, and ridiculous!

Robyn and I shared the same circles of beautiful show biz bretheren (and sisteren?) for years without meeting one another…until I married a college classmate of hers just a few short…decades ago and we are parents to one devlish redheaded daughter.

I am a billious Bostonian transplanted to the Kentucky mountains – not actually in Assjacket, but Assjacket adjacent!

Thank you for letting me join in the (Were)reindeer games!

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