Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Magic and Mayhem Universe?

The Magic and Mayhem Universe is a collection of books written by amazingly talented authors based on my Magic and Mayhem Series. The stories are written by authors I have invited to participate. The books are not part of the original series, so they can be read in any order. This project has been a true delight. I enjoy reading the wacky stories my friends come up with using some of my warped imagination! LOL

Was this formerly the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World?

Yep. It sure was. After that program ended, I decided to continue on my own in partnership with D2D. The most exciting part of the new Magic and Mayhem Universe is that the books are offered internationally and at all vendors! I loved my world and working with dear friends. I wasn’t ready to give it up!!

Why should I read these books if you didn’t write them?

Umm… because they’re AWESOME. LOL. You might just discover a new to you author! AND come on…. there can never be enough Assjacket, West Virginia.

I know you said there is no reading order, but it seems like some of the books in the Universe are series within the series.

YOU are astute! And yes, there are some series within the Universe. Each brilliant author has an author page and many have written series within the series. You can find reading order and bios for all my buddies on their page!
ALSO if you haven’t read the original series you should start with Switching Hour! AND it’s freeeeee. LOL

Do you edit the books? Do the covers? Approve the stories?

Nope, I don’t edit the books. I don’t do the covers. And I don’t need to approve the stories as I only invite top notch incredible authors to play in my silly sandbox. I read the stories after they are published just like you do. I am truly humbled that such talented people want to write in my world. Every time a Magic and Mayhem Universe blasts off it’s like Christmas to me!!

So, the Magic and Mayhem Universe books are fan fiction?

Yes and no. They are definitely based on my series, characters and locations, but they are authorized by me. Fan fiction is done without the approval of the author.

Where are the books available? Will they be in print?

The books are available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, B&N, iBooks and Kobo. As far as print, that is in the works and should be happening soon!

Will you write in your own Universe?

Nope. However, I will continue to write in the Magic and Mayhem Series. Zelda, Sassy and the gang have many more stories to tell.

Can I write in the Magic and Mayhem Universe?

Not at this time. The Magic and Mayhem Universe is an exclusive program by invitation only. Universe Blast Offs are filled through 2021, but you are welcome to contact me if you are interested. Please do not submit manuscripts. They will not be read.

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