Meet Jenna Rivers

Hey, y’all! Would it be wrong to admit that I almost choked on the sweet tea I snorted when I first read Robyn’s books? And then, it was a warm evening on a beach with a salty breeze blowing off the water when it happened—she asked me to write in the Magic & Mayhem universe. Call it kismet, destiny, or whatever you want, but it’s definitely magic to be able to write in a universe that I love.

I’ve asked my two cats Loki & Momo to write a bit about me, but all they would say is that I get up from my desk and give them fishy treats twice a day. Whatever I’m writing, I can’t help but add in some form of supernatural fun. I guess it stems from growing up with a big brother who loved all things Narnia and Middle Earth as well as supposedly being related to Edgar Allen Poe (never been confirmed). It was inevitable that my romance would end up with witches and shifters and demons, oh my!

After years of moving around the world on the Navy’s dime, I’m finally settled in my forever office happily typing away. When I’m not working, I like to play piano or ukulele and sing along. I make a mean marinara sauce and can roll some sweet sushi thanks to where we’ve been stationed. And barbecue (with Eastern NC bbq sauce—if you know, you know) with all the fixings is always the perfect meal to celebrate the finish of a book! My goal is to eat as much barbecue as I possibly can!