Meet Kathy Love

I’ve never met Robyn Peterman.

I have emailed with her. I’ve talked with her on the phone. But I have never met her in person.

So, how did I get invited to play in her super-fun and hilarious sandbox, you might ask.

Well, clearly, I sent her a really strange IM in the wee hours of the night. Duh. 😉

I’d been introduced to Robyn’s books by a good friend, and I’m pretty sure Robyn’s Hot Damned series saved my sanity during crazy 2020–although I’ll let you be the judge of my sanity-level as you continue reading.

Anyhoo, it was day 8023 of the quarantine and I might have had a glass of wine (or three) when I decided to message Robyn. Not to tell her I loved her books. Although I did–I think. No, I decided to private message this complete stranger to tell her that my neighbor frequently gets mistaken for her husband. I even went to said neighbor’s Facebook page, lifted a photo of him, and sent that to Robyn, too. Marty–that’s the neighbor–seems to get mistaken for Steve Zahn most often at Wendy’s. I’m not quite sure if that’s because Steve Zahn is known for frequenting a lot of Wendy’s. Or if a lot of Steve Zahn fans go to Wendy’s. But anyway, I digress.

So, the next morning, I fully expect to find that Robyn has blocked me on all social media. But instead, I have a very nice message waiting for me. We chat back and forth, and then to my shock, Robyn asks me if I’d be interested in joining her other amazing authors in the Magic & Mayhem Universe. I think at this point, an argument could be made for which one of us is more insane. ;-D

But I ain’t no fool. I immediately said yes. And here I am! I cannot thank Robyn enough for including me in this fantastic and magical world. I also thanked Marty. And maybe the wine, too.

Kathy Love is a USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books. She has written in several genres, including contemporary and paranormal romance, cozy mysteries, and even a little horror. Kathy loves all things groovy and retro, especially The Beatles, flower power, and disco balls. But she also loves ghost stories, Halloween, and New Orleans. What can she say, she’s eclectic. Kathy lives in Maryland with her family, three rescue mutts, and four rescue cats. It’s a full house!

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