Meet Monette Michaels

How I met Robyn — I was her Plotting Instructor during an RWA Boot Camp for aspiring writers. And for some reason, out of all the big name authors teaching, she singled me out as a mentor over breakfast. The book she asked me to read wasn’t even written yet. Thirty days later, she sent me How Hard Can It Be — and blew me away (I laughed so hard my cat jumped off my lap, and I snorted my Diet Pepsi.) I’m really glad I taught Boot Camp that year.

After many years of fighting the good fight while practicing law, Monette Michaels decided she’d had enough fun (not fun) and hung up her briefcase. Why? Well, other than the “not fun” part, she could write from home in her jammies. Two, the good guys would always win in her books. And, three, killing off bad guys in books is highly cathartic.

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