Meet Niecey Roy

Hey there! I’m Niecey Roy, writer of humorous, sexy romance. I’m so stinkin’ excited to join the Magic & Mayhem Universe with all of these amazing authors. O.M.Geeeeeee! For real though, after THE Robyn Peterman invited me to the MMU fun train, I did an obnoxious booty dance in my office and didn’t shut up about it for days and days. Eeeekkk!!! 🙂

Robyn and I stumbled into each other on Facebook a million years ago when we were both impatiently waiting for our first books to be released. We were so freakin’ excited! I remember reading How Hard Can It Be and realized she and I were kindred spirits with a mutual love of belly laughter. She’s hilarious and beautiful inside and out, and she’s been a great friend all these years. Writing in her Magic & Mayhem Universe is going to be so much warped fun. haha!

So a little about me…

I’m a Navy brat, and spent most of my childhood moving around the U.S. until we settled in small town Nebraska. I love it here! Driving down a gravel road with the window down and the radio up, bonfires on riverbanks, and being barefoot as much as possible. Summers are for airboats and family, and drinking with friends around a campfire. I prefer to write outside, but sometimes (like in the winter, which I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to), you’ll find me in a cluttered office consuming coffee or energy drinks, and staring wistfully out the window, dreaming of the warm sun on my face. When I need a break from work, you’ll most likely find me at a table with my besties, drinking too many martinis. I’m usually the loudest at the table, and often snorting with laughter. I’m a sucker for happily-ever-afters and cheesy meet-cutes, and if I’m not reading about them, I’m writing about them.

I’d love to connect! Come and find me 🙂