Meet Saranna DeWylde

I’m delighted to be writing in the MMU because Robyn has created a huge sandbox and my favorite thing to do is pose other people’s Barbies with my GI Joes. She also makes me laugh so hard, I’ve had to waddle with my knees locked to the bathroom so I didn’t pee my pants. I haven’t had such good luck with not spewing tequila out of my nose, though, but those are the best kind of friends to have.

I write fairytales. And what some people don’t understand is that fairytales aren’t the absence of struggle, they’re about persevering through the darkest night. They’re about hope. Hell yeah, I write fairytales.

I wrote my first story after watching The Exorcist at my 8th birthday party. I tried to write my first romance after watching Howling VI: The Freaks. Because come on, a werewolf in love with a preacher’s daughter, taken captive by an evil vampire and love conquering all? Sign me up. If that sounds like your thing too, then we’re going to be great pals.

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