Meet Susan Hayes

Robyn and I first met on the eve of the Great Gremlin Migration of 2016… Oh wait, you wouldn’t remember that event because of the mind-wipe potion. Well, trust me, it was memorable – for those of us who didn’t drink the potion, anyway. When Robyn asked me to join her world, there were tears, laughter, and instant agreement. (There was also a blue wig involved – but that’s another story.)

As for me, I live on an island off the Canadian west coast, where the waters are patrolled by orcas and the sighting of snowflakes leads to citywide panic. When I’m not battling gremlins, I can be found behind my keyboard, arguing with the voices in my head, wrestling with plot dragons, and racing deadlines.

If the world ends, I’m planning to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the heroes of the new world, because honestly, I’m too short and out of shape to make it on my own for long.

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